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We bring you an amazing range of heated thermal mittens and gloves for keeping your hands cozy and warm when it's cold outdoors.

Compare dozens of pairs of battery-powered gloves for all the family - men, women and kids - from top UK stores including Maplins, Greenfingers, Fishtec, Firebox, Amazon and Ebay.

We also feature many other heated products for keeping warm including heated waistcoats, scarves, socks and hand warmers - just select the SHOP NOW buttons for full details.

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Warm your hands with these self-heating gloves to beat the winter chill

We have a huge range of heated mittens and gloves for men, ladies and children. These are the ideal accessory for beating the winter chill and keep your hands nice and warm in cold, wet and icy conditions.

And we have much more than just gloves available to buy - others great heated products for keeping you warm include hand gel, USB, battery and fuel powered pocket hand warmers including the popular Zippo hand warmer and HotRox electronic rechargeable hand warmer, the heated waistcoat, gilet or scarf, heated socks, feet warmers and insoles and heated mittens, head pads and fingerless sports gloves.

You'll find the best prices around here for windproof and water-resistant gloves and other self-heating accessories from major UK gardening, outdoor leisure and camping stores, plus other leading retailers, including Greenfingers, Maplin Electronics, Garden Bargains, Tesco, Argos, Firebox, Fishtec Coarse, Ebay and Amazon.

Cold hands can be extremely frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  Our fingers, toes and noses are the first parts of our body to be affected by hypothermia, so it's wise to provide these parts of our body with extra protection against the elements.

Heated gloves are much more effective than most of the hand warmers available to buy in high street stores and online. Many hand warmers are usually for one time use only and do not deliver efficient heating power. They usually only cover a small part of your hand at one time and the power source can rapidly run low. But with gloves that feature heating properties, you can be assured of full hand coverage for the most comprehensive warmth possible.

Many types of heated gloves  feature innovative micro technology that promotes an even heat distribution for efficient heating. Some come with adjustable knobs, switches, or buttons that allow you to adjust the heat level according to personal preference.

Self-heating mitts and gloves are available to buy here for ladies, men and kids in various sizes including extra small, small, medium, large and extra large - so there's something to suit everyone. You'll find all the top brand names here including Exo2 HeatMitt, Heat Factory, Gerbing, Warmawear, Keis, Thinsulate and Stormwalker.

Most glove products are black or grey in colour but there are other choices of colour for some gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves including red, blue, white, silver, yellow, pink and green.

Nothing makes outdoor pursuits in winter more unpleasant than that intense cold in the fingers that surpasses numb and makes any movement painful.  

In the past, the only way to vary the warmth of your gloves was by choosing thicker or more advanced materials. Now however, the options are far wider and these powered gloves are making a real impact, which is great news for cyclists, bikers, anglers, sports enthusiasts, skiers and people who suffer from cold hands easily, such as those suffering from Raynaud's Syndrome. Many sufferers have reported that these gloves can help increase blood circulation in their cold fingers.

Anyone suffering from low blood pressure or the Raynaud's phenomenon will know all about the difficulties in getting blood supply to the extremities fo the body. Heated gloves may also be able to offer some welcome relief to people suffering from arthritis in their hands.

A pair of these gloves even come in handy if you are just walking the dog on a cold day or evening. The basic premise of battery-powered gloves is that you turn them on and within a few minutes the heating elements within the fabric have warmed them up, resulting in wonderfully cosy gloves that retain their temperature for hours, even in the harshest conditions.  

There is a lot of choice out there you can spend anything from £10-£100 on a pair of these useful gloves so it is important to do your research and find out which is best for you and what you intend to use them for.

Thinking about the placing of the heating elements is a good place to start. Some models concentrate the heating elements on the hand rather than the fingers, which may suit some people but not all.  

Ideally, for maximum comfort, you would require heating elements to run the entire length of the glove on the back of the hand. This is because the fingers and the back of the hand are particularly prone to the cold and wind chill.

The power supply is worth considering too.  These gloves are heated by either replaceable or rechargeable (integrated) batteries and they take all sizes of batteries

Bear in mind that a size D battery or 4 x AA will add a lot of bulk to the glove and may make it difficult to perform tasks while wearing them.

Rechargeable built in batteries may be a good idea for some but if you want to take them somewhere where access to mains electricity is limited they may not be the best idea for you. Some more expensive gloves come with lithium batteries which can be charged at the mains and stay powered up for a considerable amount of time.

Heated Gloves are ideal for cycling, skiing and walking

As far as style is concerned it can seem to be a bit restrictive, with many of these gloves looking a bit like motorcycle gloves and generally available in black.

This isn't because the designers lack imagination but because they need to consider the placing and protection of heating elements.  But, for the style conscious, or if you simply want to make your existing pair of standard gloves warmer, there is a solution - heated glove liners!

Heated glove liners are exactly what they sound like - a slimmer version of heated gloves that you wear under your regular gloves.  They have all the advantages of heated gloves but give you the flexibility of changing the outer layer to suit your needs, or you could wear them alone for indoor use.  

As well as enabling a fashion choice, they can be very practical. The outer glove (the regular and often cheaper one) takes the wear and tear, enabling the inner (the heated glove) to last longer. They are also a good choice for motorcyclists who already have a favourite pair of biking gloves which provide the safety protection they require but leaves them with cold fingers.  

Some warm-up gloves come with a variety of other features - LED on lights, easy to use switches, washable, variable settings etc. All of these features are nice extras but some will be more important to the wearer than others dependent on their expectations of the product.

You can by a cheap pair of battery-powered gloves for under £20 but there are much more expensive options available including a pair of luxury infrared gloves with lithium batteries and charger, or heated inner gloves with Keis carbon element technology.

Overall, these heat-powered gloves and liners offer unbeatable comfort for all outdoor, cold weather activities.  

They really are fabulous for cyclist, bikers and those who are outdoors a lot. You will really feel the benefit from a pair of heated motorcycle gloves or heated ski gloves.

Battery-powered gloves can even help relieve mild arthritis by improving blood flow, as well as bringing comfort to all those with poor circulation who feel the cold.

If your tired of enduring icy cold and numb fingers in the winter, which often spoils your enjoyments of outdoor activities, a pair of these innovative gloves could be the solution to the problem you are looking for.

Cold hands can be extremely uncomfortable and for some people, prolonged exposure to the cold can be downright painful.

Heated gloves really are a great way to combat cold when you are outside during the winter months, either taking part in leisure activities or work in your profession.

Our fingers, toes and noses are the first parts of our body to be affected by intense cold, so it makes perfect sense to invest in anything that capable of providing additional protection from the elements.

Traditional hand warmers are rarely able to deliver anywhere the same level of efficient as heated gloves when it comes to tackling the problem of bitterly cold hands.

They usually only cover a small part of your hand at one time and their effectiveness at warming your hands and fingers starts to decline much sooner than you would like.

But the beauty of heated gloves is that they will heat your whole hand and fingers to an impressive level, leaving you to get on with ordinary activities and tasks outdoors.

Many of the latest heated gloves on the market feature cutting-edge micro technology that promotes an even spread of heat for total comfort.

Some of the more expensive brands also adjustable heat controls in the form of  switches or buttons that let you adjust the heat level according to your own personal requirements.

Motorcyclists, skiing enthusiasts, hill walkers, anglers, building site workers, horse riders,  golfers - these gloves can be a dream come true for anyone who is active outdoors in the cold months of winter, but suffers from cold hands.

Not only is this type of glove perfect for sports and outdoor use, but many people have actually found them to be therapeutically beneficial indoors as well.

People who suffer from low blood pressure which results in cold hands are among those who have invested in heated gloves for indoor use, as well as sufferers of Raynaud's phenomenon. There have also been reports of arthritis sufferers getting some relief from their pain in their hand when slipping on a pair of heated gloves .

Cold hands can quickly lead to pain and numbness when you are outdoors and heated gloves can work wonders at fending off this condition. But with the help of battery heated gloves you can fend off this dangerous cold.

But battery powered gloves help you maintain perfect dexterity, while keeping your hands nice and toasty at the same time. This is something which is hard to achieve with traditional gloves - if they are thin enough to allow dexterity they rarely keep your hands warm, and it they are thickly-padded they will keep you warmer, but your finger movement is very limited.

Heated gloves offer smart technology that fits in the palm of your hand - and around the rest of it too!

Built-in micro technology to circulate welcome heat to your fingers

Battery life will depend on how long you wear the gloves, but you should be able to get at least four hours of use from the batteries - most pairs run on three AA batteries per hand. It will work out cheaper in the long run to use rechargeable AA batteries. Most pairs heated gloves have a discreet battery compartment built into each glove.  

Although the technology is quite advanced in these gloves, the setup to get them in operation is a breeze. All you need to do is slip on the gloves, power on the batteries and start to enjoy the instant heat they provide - what could be more simple?

You won’t have to worry about finger stiffness with heated gloves because each finger is assigned its own set of little heating elements, providing well spread warmth across your whole hand.

The little micro fibre bundles in heated gloves do a brilliant job of radiating heat throughout your hands. The carbon micro fibre technology is so small that you won’t even be able to detect the wiring in your gloves.

Heated gloves are designed with safety in mind,  so you don’t have to worry about them getting moist from precipitation - that because the miniature wires are all safely insulated and built to resist shorting out.

When it comes to hygiene and health, heated gloves usually have removable liners which can be washed and then fitted back again when dry.

There are many reputable brand names around these days when it comes to heated gloves - but one company you can really trust for producing excellent products is Gerbing.

Some of the Gerbing models are strictly battery powered while others feature 12-volt charging adapter capability that can easily be plugged in to provide you with ample power in your gloves to provide heat for several hours.

These gloves come with a simple and convenient battery pack harness that is sewn into the glove itself, normally out of sight near the wrist area. Gerbing gloves are designed to perfection and are manufactured to a higher standard than some other cheaper brands of glove.

Gerbing gloves operate with MicrowireŽ Heating Technology and are usually breathable, windproof and 100% waterproof - you’ll be amazed at how powerful the little micro-sized heating fibres are in this company's top quality gloves.

This company's gloves are available in various materials, including buffed soft Nubuck leather with insulation and a brushed liner. And since

Gerbing has been around a long time and has become a real pacesetter when it comes to heated gloves - most of heir gloves feature a protective moisture barrier and breathable membrane that keeps your hands dry for optimal warmth.

Heated gloves are a real marvel for many motorcyclists in the UK. Anyone who’s been on a motorbike for longer than a few minutes knows how quickly cold hands can become in the winter.

Many bikers face the problem of not having enough dexterity with their riding gloves. In the battle against cold hands in the whipping wind it's often necessary to wear thick and bulky riding gloves -  and this make it difficult to grip the handlebars firmly.

But heated motorcycle gloves, such as those made by Gerbing, can help overcome with problem due to their slim form factor. Their design means they are nowhere near as bulky and cumbersome as non-powered gloves, but they can provide all the heat a motorcyclist needs.

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